Take two

Here's another version of the slide show. I can't decide which one I like better. I may have to do a special one for Aleck, since he doesn't seem to be getting much "face time."

Anyway, here's version two:

New pictures of the kiddos

Here's a slideshow I made on Animoto.com, a cool little Web 2.0 service...

Yogurt battle

This one isn't as messy as it sounds. Micah has Daddy well-trained, and he got the giggles every time I repeated "yogurt." I thought this would be a great finale for our little video series.


Here's a clip of Rhaena interpreting some of her songs from preschool. I think her versions are quite precious, but I might be a little biased. That's me whistling in the background... I had no idea at the time that I was accompanying Rhaena's performance.

I can play this one too...

Just a little clip of Micah exploring the piano. He likes experimenting with the buttons just as much as playing the keys. See if you can catch Daddy's "Ghostbusters" reference... it goes by quickly.


Rhaena gave a little monologue the other day about her new hairdo (the result of wearing braids all day). I thought it was pretty cute...

We have a little treasure trove of recent video clips of Rhaena and Micah. I'll post them over the next couple of days, so come back often to check them out. Better yet, use the RSS link at the right to subscribe to automatic updates when new stuff is posted to the blog.

Little Drummer Boy

Kristen had camera in hand when Micah decided to explore the drum set today. He has obviously learned a lot from watching his big brother, Aleck, rock out on his drums.

Our newest reader...

How big is Micah?

Check this out...