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1. RD - 09/29/2017 12:41 pm CDT
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3. Lollipop sticks - 06/16/2013 3:05 am CDT

I ordered these lollipops sticks to use for Cake Pops. I liked that they came with 1000 instead of a smaller amount. They work great. They fit into my stands perfectly as well.

4. Mandy Inhofer - 02/05/2009 12:26 am CST
commenting on Yogurt battle

Hi!  I'm a friend of Rebekah Stadie's from Luther College, and she showed us all this is SO ADORABLE!!  I think you should put it up on YouTube.

At any rate, thank you for sharing this.  I really enjoyed watching seems like Micah really likes his yogurt.  :)

5. Andrea Miller - 01/18/2009 7:32 pm CST
commenting on Little Drummer Boy

Noah tells me almost daily that he wants to be a drummer when he grows up and play in the Tops in Blue band. I told him Aleck plays the drums and he thought that was pretty cool. Looks like you might have another drummer in the family!

6. Sharon - 01/13/2009 9:08 pm CST
commenting on Little Drummer Boy

I love this!  :-)  He really was exploring, too - had to test everything out to see how it worked.  I do have to say that I think I love his furrowed brow when the "stick" goes flying the most - just an awesome look.